A MUM was hailed as a real life superhero by the disabled daughter she is determined will walk again.

Single mum Emma Haynes from Evesham battled all day and all night through blisters, bleeding feet and crippling aches and pains to complete back-to-back marathons in just 24 hours.

The gruelling charity walk raised £9,695 (including gift aid) to help pay for physio for her daughter, Olivia.

The epic walk began at 3pm on Saturday and ended just over 24 hours later as she completed two mile circuits of the town. Miss Haynes has already been left 'gobsmacked' by the level of support she has received from the public.

The challenge was conceived and is being supported by Superhero Foundation, the new charity founded by adventurers and cousins Kev Brady and Jamie McDonald, who, between them, have raised hundreds of thousands of pounds for charities.

Olivia has relied on a wheelchair and walking frame to get around since birth, having been diagnosed with cerebral palsy.

The muscles in Olivia’s legs are very tight, making any weight she puts on her legs painful and tiring.

Her 37-year-old mum said the experience itself was 'horrible' and at times she wanted to give up the gruelling 52 mile fundraiser as she felt the pain in her hips and her toes.

She said: "My daughter was in my mind a lot. There were a few times when I thought I could not do this. I have a little more insight now into what it's like for Olivia. It really brought home how much she has gone through,

"She is such a sweetheart and she's only nine years old. She posted on Facebook 'a super well done to mum for last weekend, doing the 52 mile walk. You truly are a superhero mum'."

But Ms Haynes had support from James Bottger who has climbed the height of Everest to help his sick daughter and friend Nicky Hancock who kept her spirits up. Both walked alongside her for some of the journey, Nicky completing around 32 miles herself.

She even took dips in the Avon to cool her aching joints and take down the swelling. At one point she was in so much pain and so exhausted she had to be help up by her dad and friend, Nicky.

Emma Haynes left her job as a legal secretary to care for daughter Olivia and her three other children.

There is a life-changing operation available on the NHS, but Olivia will need months of physiotherapy after leaving the hospital as she learns how to walk by herself. The vital post-operation treatment will cost £25,000 – without it, Olivia is likely to be in a wheelchair for the rest of her life.

Before the walk she said: “If I have to take a million steps so that Olivia can take just one that doesn't cause her pain, then that’s what I will do."

To sponsor Ms Haynes visit www.virginmoneygiving.com/fund/oliviasdreamtowalk