MALVERN health beauty salon owner Dawn Harford believes the treatments she offers should not be exclusively for the female of the species.

Men are most definitely welcome to try the range of male grooming treatments from waxing to pedicures at Cecily’s on Wells Road, Malvern.

But when a group of nine men booked in for treatments recently it was the first time they had a stag party visit the salon.

Dawn, who has owned the salon for 16 months as is also director of Artwork Creative Ltd in Colwall, said: “It was the first time we have done a stag party and I don’t know of anyone in the beauty salon business who has done it.”

She said the best man in the party lives in Germany and had organised a whole weekend of different activities for the lads, aged 19 to 31 who came from Bristol, Cardiff and London as well as Germany, and a visit to the health and beauty salon was one part of it.

“The best man had obviously researched it on the internet. They were staying in the area and one of them was from Worcester.

“They were an absolute hoot. We all had a fantastic time and none of them knew what they were coming to do apart from the best man who organised it,” said Dawn.

“They had manicures and pedicures, they had their nails painted and hopi ear candles, reflexology, waxing legs and backs. They did it all. Some of them had never done it before and would never have gone to get a treatment. It was a really good day.

“They all said afterwards they go paintballing so much on stag weekends but the best man had organised such an unusual day for them and it was the best time they had ever had. They were a nice crew of lads who were very good friends. The girls here loved it and we would do it again tomorrow.”

Dawn added that they would love to do more stag parties like that one. “We do a grooming package for men but we would love to do more stag parties. We get men coming in for facials here. Men are becoming much more savvy about keeping their skin in good condition. The lads on the stag weekend said they would not hesitate to go back to a beauty salon.”

• Dawn says she wants to try different things at Cecily’s and involve her clients. On Thursday July 30 the salon is holding a musical makeover evening. Therapists will be giving makeovers with makeup, eye treatments and introducing new spray tans while enjoying vintage entertainment (1904s songs) from the Poppy Sisters.