PEOPLE made the most of a sunny day on Saturday with a political picnic in the park.

For the first time, a Pankhurst Picnic — celebrating campaigner and suffragette, Emmeline Pankhurst — was held in Gheluvelt Park on Saturday, July 25.

Pankhurst Picnics have previously only been held in London, but this year Worcester joined other cities in celebrating the political activist who was crucial in winning women the right to vote.

Barbara Mitra, senior lecturer at the University of Worcester and member of Woo Feminsta, who organised the local event, said: "The picnic went really well and we had some great discussions.

"Some ideas that came out of the picnic including moving parliament to the north of England, or to Birmingham or Manchester, and we talked about proportional representation, mandatory voting and ideas as to how we can engage young people in politics and democracy in the UK today."