Year 8 students at Elgar Technology College recently enjoyed a day off timetable for an Enterprise Day.

This was a highly charged day with teams of students competing to design; market and sell' a brand-new mobile phone for their peers

The day started with a presentation explaining to them the concepts of Enterprise and outlining the challenge. The students then went away, formed groups and got to work on the challenge. Many ideas were thrown around ranging from phones that held Ipods to phones featured in wrist-watches. The ideas were exciting and innovative demonstrating a truly impressive range of skills and ideas.

Students worked in groups and regularly held team meetings so as to ensure they met some very tight deadlines.

After lunch the whole of the top of the Enigma teaching block was transformed into a market place with students displaying posters, manning stalls and generally battling for custom. When the Year 7 students arrived they were bombarded with fliers and tempted into the classrooms by promises of free SIM-cards, cash-back offers and loads of creative prototypes and advertising features. The Year 7s were then tasked with making the ultimate decision on whom the winners would be.

After a fun-packed day the votes were counted and the public had decided the winners were SJJF' (Shaquille Tulloch, Jordan Whelan-Clark, Jack Woodward and Ryan Merrit aka Ferrit). These students each won a £20 gift voucher and an additional 8 students were awarded £5 vouchers for their contributions.

An exciting and productive day that was enjoyed by students and staff alike.

Would your company like to be involved in the next Enterprise Day at Elgar? Would you like over 100 people designing/making/testing something for you? If you think you could be involved let us know. Contact John Bullock on 01905 454627.