MANY Worcester News readers have enjoyed the wonderful riverside walking and cycle opportunities opened up by the construction of the Diglis Bridge.

The Department for Transport is identifying a selection of cycle-related projects for profiling as best practice on its website from autumn 2015.

So far, 35 projects have been shortlisted nationally – Diglis Bridge and its associated cycleways is the only project to be highlighted in the West Midlands.

The project was developed as a result of a three-way partnership between Worcestershire County and Worcester City Councils and Sustrans. It was made possible by a £850,000 grant from the Big Lottery as part of the national Connect2 bid Sustrans submitted.

In the five years since opening, the bridge has seen 1,589,659 pedestrian and 268,934 cycle crossings. That’s an average of 371,719 crossings per year and 12 times more than originally expected.

The projects to be highlighted as national best practice will be selected by a vote that closes on Sunday, August 16, and Push Bike! is working with the county council to ensure the Diglis project is one of those chosen.

The two-mile loop on both sides of the Severn from New Road Bridge down to Diglis Bridge will also see lots of use on Sunday, October 4. It will form part of the free-to-enter, three-mile family-friendly cycle ride offered as part of the national ‘Aviva Tour Ride’ cycling event.

Details on this and other Worcestershire cycle related events can be found on the Push Bike! website,

More information on Sustrans and details of their 14,000-mile signed national cycle network can be found at