AN escaped goat was spotted running amok in Worcester yesterday but fortunately the animal was returned safely to its owners.

Former Worcester News reporter John Philpott said at one point the large black goat looked to be making a break towards Bath Road but was headed off before it got onto the main road from The Hill Avenue, Worcester, yesterday.

These photographs were taken by Sarah Wellfair, one of them showing a face-to-face between the goat and a small boy peeking at the animal nervously over a wall.

Mr Philpott said: "There's never a dull moment in our road but I was absolutely amazed to see a goat jumping over the front gardens. I couldn't believe my eyes and neither could many of the people who also saw it.

"A man gave the animal some bread but once that had been swallowed, the goat was running down the road and would have escaped onto Bath Road had not a woman headed it off.

A while later, the owner from St Audries Road took the goat away."