THE owners of a Worcester shop have found themselves in a mucky situation, as bags of dog mess have repeatedly been planted in their bins.

They say four of five bags of excrement will be planted in their bins at a time stinking the shop out and meaning that flies are lurking around the shop's entrance.

It has been going on for around a month, and whoever is behind it has even taken the measure of hiding the bags of dog poo at the bottom of the green recycling bins, and concealing it with cardboard.

Dabinder Sunsoa, who runs Sunsoa Convenient Store in Gillam Street with her husband, says the signs they have put up on the bins haven't stopped it happening, and says whoever is doing it is "not right in the head".

A spokesman for Worcester City Council says the offence could carry a fine of £80, and that the authority has ordered locks to be put on the bins.

Mrs Sunsoa said: "It stinks, and means it smells around our store and even smells inside. It's disgusting.

"There are also loads of flies around the bins because of the muck. It's really off-putting for the customers.

"Someone put loads of bags of dog muck in the recycling bin, and tried to hide it under cardboard. It's obviously deliberate and they know they shouldn't be doing it.

"The fact that it's always five or six bags means they're storing it up, which is very strange.

"They are putting it in the black bins now, and it's stinking the place out.

"Somebody is not right in the head to be doing this."

The city council says the act is "unacceptable"

A spokeswoman for the authority said: "Failing to clean up after your dog is an offence which can attract an £80 fine.

"The responsibility lies with the dog owner to bag the mess and bin it at home if necessary – placing it in another resident’s bin is clearly unacceptable."

They also confirmed green recycling bins will not be collected if they contain contaminants, such as dog mess, and residents are encouraged to place bins away from easy public access where possible.