ACCORDING to pest experts, homes in Worcestershire could be crawling with Britain’s most venomous spiders over the next few months.

Experts are warning that this year’s mild weather, which is expected to continue through September and beyond, could help spark a bumper season for the false widow.

The UK population of the species, whose bite is typically as painful as a bee sting, has soared into the millions in recent years and is thought to be growing all the time.

Pest management consultant with Basis Prompt, Clive Boase, said conditions are ideal for a significant spike in numbers in the autumn.

He said: “We’ve had a reasonably warm year with very few cold snaps and no particularly extended periods of either dry or wet weather.

“That has led to more invertebrates, such as flies, to feed on and means false widows, as well as many other species of spiders, have been able to continue their development throughout the summer."