"We will leave no stone unturned" - that is the promise of dedicated parents as they battle to get life-changing surgery for their toddler.

Clare and Carl Gibbs, from St John's, fear it will be "game over" if daughter Georgie, who has spastic diplegic cerebral palsy, does not undergo selective dorsal rhizotomy (SDR) to help her walk unaided.

The family feel helpless as they are reliant on South Worcestershire Clinical Commissioning Group agreeing to fund her aftercare before Thursday, October 1 when they learn if she passed the medical part of the application for the operation as part of NHS England’s Commissioning through Evaluation programme.

Without either in place Georgie will lose her place for the operation at Bristol Royal Hospital for Children.

With time running out and determined to not sit back and miss the chance for the pioneering operation, the family are hoping to fundraise £60,000 to fund the surgery privately.

Bucket collections, a Calendar Girls-style calendar and bag-packing - the family have already been overwhelmed by people pledging their support.

The money will pay for the little girl to fly to St Louis Children's Hospital in America, her treatment and aftercare while in the States with doctor Tae Park who pioneered the procedure.

Her 41-year-old mum even engineered a meeting with Dr Park at a party in the UK who told her her daughter should have the operation sooner rather than later for the best outcome.

The HR manager said: "I'm a go-getter and a fighter for my daughter.

"We are desperate for her to have this operation and we're fundraising because we don't know whether we are going to get it funded by the NHS or not.

"Even if we get a yes on October 1 without the funding we could lose our place and even if it does go ahead we will still have to fund her private aftercare too.

"I'm a desperate mum who doesn't know which way to turn, I'm trying to be professional and working hard but we are coming up against lots of blockades.

"But we are doing our all and will leave no stone unturned, we're not stopping and will do whatever we can for Georgie."

Georgie was born 11 weeks premature weighing just 3lb 2oz at Liverpool Women's Hospital due to complications throughout the pregnancy.

Despite her tough start to life, she has amazed her family every step of the way and is adored by her parents and big sister Ella, aged five, who her mum said was a wonderful older sister and mature beyond her years.

If they are given the green light for the operation, the family will use any money raised to pay for equipment, therapy and aftercare to help Georgie.

"Georgie is awesome. She just tries, she is inspirational, she is always smiling and never grumpy, she doesn't even notice her disability.

"She is a really happy child but sooner or later she is going to ask why her legs don't work and that's going to be heartbreaking.

"We eat, sleep and breathe Georgie, we don't stop and do everything we can to get the best for her.

"Ella is such a lovable child as well, she's very switched on and has become so much older in the way she thinks because she has to.

"Carl is my absolute rock, he is the calm among the storm in our relationship.

"The support we have received so far has been overwhelming especially the generosity from people we don't really know or have never met before.

"I was in Sainsbury's talking to staff about holding a bucket collection and an older couple overheard us talking and gave Georgie £10 towards her operation - it had me in tears.

"After we have been through all this I want to become an advocate for other SDR parents because I can't believe what SDR families have to go through."

Georgie starred in ITV's Secret Life of Babies and also met television star and 90s singer Peter Andre in June last year.

A spokesperson on behalf of NHS South Worcestershire Clinical Commissioning Group, said it could not comment on individual cases.

“The process for exceptional complex case requests is that the health clinician leading the care for a child makes an individual funding request on behalf of that child.

"The funding request is made to the complex needs panel and then considered. Once a decision is made, the health clinician will be informed.”

Anyone wishing to support the family can do so by joining the Facebook group facebook.com/groups/HelpGeorgie or can donate via PayPal using the email address helpgeorgie@gmail.com.

An account has been set up for Georgie and cheques made payable to Clare Gibbs can be sent to 20 Blenheim Road, St John's, Worcester, WR2 5NG.

Anyone wishing to discuss fundraising ideas or offer advice including how the fundraising could be recognised as a charity should contact 07583 865461.