Private Samuel Hughes - Ninth Battalion.


11th Worcestershire marched back to Fouilloy and rejoined the 78th Brigade. 
Seventh Brigade transferred from the Third Division to the new 25th Division. 

Lately a badly rusted lightning conductor on the chimney of the south wing of the Guildhall broke and fell on the roof. It was forthwith repaired and readjusted.  In 1757 the chimney was knocked down…four or five barristers were hurt and six persons were killed.

Two Worcester brothers killed. The war has bought a double bereavement upon Mr and Mrs Conroy of 76, Tybridge street, who have lost two sons in France….gunner Charles Marshall John Conroy (28)…was killed by a shell burst on September 1. In March, Private Alec F Conroy was killed in action.

No Mufti for men on leave. It appears soldiers…lent their uniforms to friends and relatives who have masqueraded in them.

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