A MOTORIST has received a refund for a parking penalty he believes was falsified.

Steve James, of St Peter’s, Worcester, was sent a £60 cheque by UK Parking Control with a letter stating “a recent internal investigation” meant he was owed the money.

The 23-year-old alleges that the time stamps on photographs used to fine him in Diglis last December were doctored – and says he has CCTV evidence to prove he is right.

UK Parking Control admitted in early September that a “few” of its employees at a “small number of car parks” had altered time stamps in order to dish out fines.

But the refund has far from appeased the aggrieved Worcester driver.

Mr James said: “To be honest I laughed when I received the letter. No explanation or apology provided.

“I will be writing a letter back saying ‘as it has been over 28 days since the initial charge my £60 refund has increased to £100’ in exactly the same way they did to me.

“This should give them a taste of their own medicine.”

Meanwhile Rushwick mum Sarah Gashi, who is similarly adamant the times on photographs of her car in Diglis in February were tampered with in order to issue a penalty notice, has taken her case to police.

She has reported the matter to Action Fraud - the UK’s national fraud centre – and is awaiting further information on what will happen next.

The National Fraud Intelligence Bureau at the City of London Police is leading work to assess the allegations against UK Parking Control while the British Parking Association is also investigating the national parking firm.

Mr James also intends to take his case to Action Fraud.

The Worcester News attempted but was unable to contact UK Parking Control for a comment.