AFTER suffering a brain haemorrhage at birth, an accountant wants to help other disabled people by teaching them basic office skills.

Thomas Horton hopes #TheWorkTrain's free sessions for charities will help other people find work or give them basic skills to help them in daily life.

Students will be taught basic office skills such as Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint during free workshops run on site at different charities.

Already, Headway Worcestershire has taken up the offer and Mr Horton will be teaching service users how to use spreadsheets at their day centre in Barbourne on Tuesday, October 6.

The 30-year-old, from Blackpole, said: "Because of what happened when I was a baby and having a brain haemorrhage I consider myself very lucky.

"It has always been an important part of my life.

"The sessions will hopefully help people in lots of different aspects, not just financially.

"The aim of it is, having experienced difficulties myself trying to get work because of the brain haemorrhage causing occasional epilepsy, is to help people boost their CVs.

"I also want people to understand that just because someone has a condition it shouldn't affect them being employed."

Tailoring the sessions to people's particular needs, he said the first session at Headway would focus on spreadsheets to help people monitor their finances.

He said he would like to see the project grow with other businesspeople coming on board to offer their expertise in free sessions.

Anyone interested in holding sessions should email