Private J Bannister - Fourth Battalion. Privates William Barber & George Jewkes and Lance Corporal F J Povey - Ninth Battalion.


Second Battalion quiet day in support trenches. 
Third Battalion relieved by First North Staffordshire Regt - relief completed by 10.15 pm. Marched to bivouac near Busseboom. 
Tenth Battalion relieved the Tenth Royal Warwickshire in the trenches section IND IV A.

Singular suicide at Kidderminster. Drowned in a bucket of water. Mary Amelia Robinson, aged 48. Lucy Robinson (16) daughter of the deceased said her mother was living apart from her husband..who was allowing her 10s a week. She had been very poorly. Deceased asked witness to take a bucket of water into her bedroom, as the room was too hot…found her mother lying over the side of the bed with her head in the bucket of water. On Monday deceased told her she should do away with herself, as she had been worried and had nothing to live for. Dr OCP Evans said he had attended deceased since Sunday. She was suffering from a nervous breakdown. The jury returned a verdict of suicide during temporary insanity.

Less lighting for Worcester. Only one-fourth of street lamps to be lighted. The Mayor said he was of opinion that there was too much light in the streets, considering that we are at war…the cost of public lighting in the city was £4,000 a year.

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