IT WAS an early start for supporters of a toddler hoping to fundraise for a life-changing operation as they took their campaign to the car boot.

Clare and Carl Gibbs, daughter Georgie, and their army of friends and family were moved by the amount of support they were given throughout the morning at the Ketch car boot.

Wayne Skidmore, who organises the car boot sales, contacted the couple after reading about the plight of their two-year-old daughter Georgie who has cerebral palsy and needs a selective dorsal rhizotomy to be able to walk unaided.

Her family have launch the Help Georgie campaign which hopes to raise enough money to either pay for the toddler to have the operation privately or to pay for aftercare not funded by the NHS.

More than £900 was raised during the car boot sale with Mr Skidmore and his Ketch partners and colleagues handing over a £300 donation.

Mrs Gibbs, from St John's, said: "The car boot was a huge success.

"We made over £900 with thanks to Wayne Skidmore really helping us with the stall holders and businesses.

"It was so lovely to talk to the community of Worcester about our fundraising appeal and feel the actual love that they have in their hearts for Georgie.

"One man in particular named Archie really stood out, he brought a minion cuddly toy to Georgie and gave a generous donation, he was extremely emotional when he met her and that set the whole of 'Team Georgie' off.

"The cakes sold out very quickly and the balloons went well too.

"It was thanks to our friends that the day was a massive success and for Wayne being so accommodating to our cause."

The family faced another hurdle last week after being granted aftercare funding from South Worcestershire Clinical Commissioning Group then told by Bristol Royal Hospital for Children he was medically suitable for the operation.

However, the hospital said was awaiting clarification of funding available from the Department of Health before it would give the procedure the go ahead.

Anyone wishing to donate can do so via PayPal using the email address, at or at Dominic Tunnell Opticians, Mealcheapen Street.

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