OFFENSIVE handwritten signs have been removed from signposts on a busy Worcester road.

Commuters may have been puzzled to have spotted the signs which appeared on the southern bypass Broomhall Way near the Ketch roundabout over a two week period.

The first sign read UKIP = Islam and, when this was removed, a similar looking sign was put up displaying the words Labour paedos.

Similar graffiti, which appears to have a political theme, has been spotted in Worcester in the past.

Mayor of Worcester, Roger Knight, who represents St Peter's said: "I think it's pathetic.

"It's absolutely meaningless, offensive and damages the environment.

"I can't see the value in doing it."

A spokesman from Worcestershire County Council said: "The unauthorised signs which have appeared around Worcester are removed as soon as we are notified of their presence.

"There is no cost associated to removal as this is part of the county council highways duties for which any unauthorised advertising or signs are removed."