Privates D Davis & J Jewkes - Fourth Battalion. 


Second Battalion left Cambrin and marched to Bethune where they were billeted in a tobacco factory.
Third Battalion advanced via St Vaast north of Neuve Chapelle to occupy lines in Bois de Biel.
Yeomanry/Cavalry still in front line trenches in Gallipoli. At night men are going to Dead Man`s Gully to bury dead and to collect identity discs and personal items which relatives would appreciate.

National egg collection. Last Saturday an egg collection was made in the centre of the city for hospitals where wounded soldiers are being treated. A few ladies undertook the work, with very good results. Seven hundred and twenty eggs were collected and they reached London the same evening. A postcard has been received by Mrs A T Hobbs the local Hon. Secretary thanking her. Another collection will be made tomorrow.

English lady executed by the Germans. Charge of Treason. The following statement has been received from the Foreign Office for publication - The Foreign Office are informed by the United States Ambassador that Miss Edith Cavell, lately head of a large training school for nurses at Brussels who was arrested on August 4 last by the German authorities was executed on the 13th inst. after sentence of death had been passed on her. It is understood that charge against Miss Cavell was that she had harboured fugitive British and French soldiers and Belgians of military age and had assisted them to escape Belgium in order to join the colours. No charge of espionage was made against her.