Second Worcestershires. Hohenzollern Redoubt fighting dies down, hand over their trenches to the First Scots Guards and march to reserve at Ecoles des Jeunes Filles at Bethune. Afternoon, Fifth Brigade was relieved by the Second Guards Brigade.
Third Battalion at Le Hue the Batt attacked in foggy conditions. Enemy broke through the line to the right leaving wounded and missing men

New Theatre Royal - Mr Arthur Carlton in conjunction with Mr Charles Macdona will give 10 per cent of the gross proceeds of the two performances of the 'Gay Parisienne' to the British Red Cross Society's Funds and the Theatre Royal tonight (Thursday) at 7pm and 9pm in aid of "Our Day" fund. It is hoped and expected that Worcester people will attend in hundreds to further this very laudable object.

Holy Trinity harvest Festival - the children of Holy Trinity Infant School celebrated a harvest festival. Many gifts of fruit, flowers, and vegetables were collected, the little ones seems delighted to bring their offerings. Potatoes, carrots, and parsnips were carefully scrubbed so that they looked almost as enticing as the rosy apples and pears. Little gifts of fruit and flowers were taken to the house of a sick playmate carried by some of the children including the Harvest Queen in her regalia of autumn leaves and berries. The rest of the fruit was sent to the Norton Military Hospital per the Recruiting Office, Broad Street.