Private J Fisher - Tenth Battalion.


Third Battalion march to Ploegsteert Wood, wintry days.
Second Battalion informed that the King would be inspecting them on the 27th.
A recruiting revival. As might have been expected the recruiting revival - it cannot yet be called a boom - has been as noticeable in Worcestershire as in other parts of the country. At the Central County Recruiting Office, Broad Street, Worcester, 150 recruits were accepted for various units. This was a great improvement on the figures for many weeks part. 

National egg collection, On Saturday the collection of eggs for the wounded soldiers and sailors was confined to a house collection made by the following ladies: Mrs Parkinson, Miss Bates, Mrs Boughton and Mrs Campbell, with the result that nearly 200 eggs were collected. On Saturday many children sent eggs with their names and good wishes written upon them. 

Execution of Miss Cavell. The summary and cruel execution by the Germans at Brussels of Miss Edith Cavell, the British nurse, has aroused almost worldwide indignation. The crime was denounced form many platforms and pulpits in this county during the weekend. The execution is commented upon in the most scathing terms by the press of America, Holland and other countries.