Third Battalion under very heavy shelling La Quinque Rue, enemy making frequent advances but repelled.
Thanks for cigarettes. Mrs Harrison of Hylton Road, has received a letter from an officer in the Fourth Battalion Worcestershire Regiment, thanking her for the cigarettes she sent to the men. He writes: "My wife has sent me out of box of Woodbines that you have so kindly sent out for the men. I have distributed them, and they are very much appreciated - as cigarettes are very scarce out here... I thank you very much on behalf of the men."  

St Clements Schoolboys Gifts. During the last few weeks of the summer terms the boys of St Clements made weekly contributions to a fund for providing cigarettes primarily for the Old Boys of the School and also for the men of the Worcestershire Regiment. Altogether they raised funds to send out between two and three thousand cigarettes that were packed by teachers. When the school reassembled this month, many letters and postcards were read to the boys by the Headmaster.

Killed at Dardanelles. Mrs O Reynolds of 1 Little Fish Street has been notified that her son Private J Reynolds of the Fourth Worcestershires was killed in action on September 4. He set sail for the Dardanelles six weeks ago, have previously had leave to get married. He and his young wife had made a home at Aston, Birmingham.