Private J Davies - Fourth Battalion. Private J Stevens - Ninth Battalion.


"Fifth Brigade moved forward to the sector about Cambrin. 
Second Worcestershire remain billeted in at Annequin just east of Bethune.
First Battalion left the forts and returned to Esterres billets 
Third Battalion relieved from the trenches and marches to billets at Le Touret at 2am and then later went to Doulieu. ]
Tenth Battalion more heavy shelling at Le Plantin.
Artillery Brigade continuing trench work At Bayencourt. 
26th Division move to a new theatre of war.

To the Editor. The price of milk. Sir - The public of Worcester has been made aware that the retail price of milk is to be raised one penny per quart, as the producers have raised the price two pence per gallon. The is a war tax on the public and a war profit to those who carry milk round and pour it from the large cans into smaller ones. Surely the citizens of Worcester will not tamely submit to such an imposition on a vital necessity to life as Milk! A R Williams, Lansdowne Road. 

Cathedral Memorial Service. In the order for the memorial service to be held in the Cathedral on Monday, the Dean and Chapter have printed all that have been furnished to them who have made the great sacrifice to king and country. The number already runs into hundreds, but the cathedral authorities will hasten to add to it any further names which may be brought to their notice.

City Police Court.   Soldiers in trouble. Hamilton Humes and James Edward Buckley privates of the 3/6th Gloucestershire Regiment were charged with stealing two caps value 2s, the property of James Forshaw, 37, Lowesmoor and with stealing two table knives value 2s, the property of Mary Ann Eden, who owns a restaurant. The caps were found on the defendants. Mrs Eden said defendants came into her shop and ordered food and produced 6s as all the money they had. They said they were hungry so she gave them each a pork pie, while she was out of the shop they left and she missed the knives and some money. Prisoners were the victims of their own foolishness and were also charged with being absentees from their regiment. Fined 10s each and remanded to await escort. 

Miss Cavell and American Ambassador.  Mr Brand Whitlock, the American ambassador had appealed to Baron von Bissing and Baron von der Lancken to spare Miss Edith Cadell's life.  The "Vossiche Zeitung" challenges the German Government to ask Washington to recall the American minister in Brussels. "The recent Cavell incident must be used as  the occasion to put an end to Mr Whitlock's action....If America wants a representative at Brussels she must send someone agreeable to the German Government."