UKIP Worcester is getting a social media battering after displaying pictures of the Union Flag upside down on its Facebook page.

Deliberately flying the flag upside down is a distress signal.

The picture on the UKIP Worcester City page shows a giant Union Flag, upside down, on the side of a house.

It is a picture of a house in Hampshire taken in 2014.

At the top are the words: An urgent message for Father Christmas

Below it says: All we wish for is our country back.

But the picture has come in for ridicule from posters, including some ex servicemen.

Mark Robinson posted: "For those of us who have served this country is it to much to ask for you muppets to post a pic of the Union Flag that is not upside down"

Colin Beesley said: "One, we haven't lost our country,,, two, if your going to post a photo of our the union flag , make sure its the right way up. As a military veteran this is extremely offensive

Patrick Robinson said: "How embarassing. A regular flag uside down is insulting. One this big is aggressively offensive. To think I fought two wars to see this. Someone get them to get rid of this asap. Morons.

Paul Giles said: "You sir are a prize chump. Get it down unless you are in distress because it's a disgrace to my country."

Alan Laing went for the sarcastic tone:  "Bit old for believing in Santa aren't you?"