LIFE-SAVING skills using a defibrillator were taught to year six pupils in special sessions at a Worcester school.

All of year six at Pitmaston Primary School are now able to use the devices after paramedic Ali Vinson spent three days in the school.

It inspired the children, aged between ten and 11, so much that pupils Zoe Lawrence and Bella Keane went home and created their own instruction video which can be viewed at

Mrs Vinson said: "It went brilliantly.

"We sat everyone in a circle to give demonstrations on how to use them then probably after two or three times of doing it every child could do it with their eyes closed.

"Two of the girls had even gone home and set a camera up to do their own instruction video on how to use a defibrillator and made their own AED unit with pads for the chest. - it was fantastic.

"It shows they have taken it all on board and can actually do it.

"It was really nice to see, I felt really proud."

Mrs Vinson is hoping to teach children across Worcestershire how to use a defibrillator and has asked any schools interested to get in touch.

She added: "A defibrillator is safe to use.

"You cannot accidentally shock a patient, the defibrillator controls its cycle, and you cannot be sued for attempting to save a life."

Year six class teacher Emily Dixon said: "The children thoroughly enjoyed having hands on experience and training in such life saving procedures.

"Although an enjoyable exercise, children understood the severity of its purpose, and were very mature throughout the training."

Any schools who would like to book Mrs Vinson to come and teach a session should email