A POLICE commander has issued a stern warning to petrol heads ahead of a car cruise meet in Worcester city centre.

Supt Kevin Purcell, police commander for South Worcestershire, said there would be a beefed up police presence in the city centre to address any potential antii-social behaviour.

He said: "In order to ensure that everyone in South Worcestershire and in particular Worcester remains safe and prevent our roads being used for any anti-social behaviour, or by vehicles that are due to modification being used outside of their insurance, there will be a significant policing operation taking place.

"This operation will include speed enforcement, construction and use considerations and evidence gathering of any anti-social behaviour or moving Road Traffic Act offences. This will include any registration plates that are not compliant.

"It will also include us seeking both immediate and the retrospective view of insurance companies on any vehicle that was or is on the road with no insurance, or due to modifications is outside of the agreed insurance terms.

These matters will be dealt with by use of relevant legislation ether at the time or retrospectively.

Our operation will be replicated across the West Mercia Policing Area if there is a change of venue."

If you have any concerns this evening regarding driving offences or related anti-social behaviour, call police on 101 or 999 in an emergency.