Pictures from Sunday night's meet here

THE majority of speeders stopped during Sunday night’s police operation were not from the car cruise but were local people, a police commander has revealed.

Supt Kevin Purcell had officers out in force to police the car cruise event in Worcester. One drug driver was arrested leaving the event.

However, Supt Purcell suggested it may be local people who need to mind their behaviour on the roads.

He said: "Interestingly of the over 20 people spoken to about their speed on the London Road, one was from Tamworth attending the car cruise and the rest were local residents."

Officers from South Worcestershire Cops urged motorists to ‘slow down’ and ‘drive safely’ and also thanked those who attended the car cruise and ‘behaved respectfully and within the law’.

As reported earlier officers were out in numbers to prevent traffic offences and anti-social behaviour at the Worcester car cruise event.

Police used social media to keep people informed, telling enthusiasts on Sunday night that the Cattle Market car park was full and advising them to use Croft Road instead.

Supt Purcell has also praised the work of his officers during the operation. However, not everyone in Worcester was happy about the level of police involvement.

Murfyboy said on the Worcester News page: “How's about catch some real criminals !! Instead of picking on easy target motorists ! We all know it's easy money picking on motorists but it doesn't make our streets any safer.”

Too Real said: “Er, has a crime been committed? Has a member of the public made a complaint?”

Others were more supportive of the police stance.

Larryking28 wrote: “So you have no problem of people potentially driving with no insurance etc or dangerous driving?

“If they behave like idiots they deserve anything they get.”