A FORTY-three-year-old Moreton woman killed herself in the same way as her husband had done - by drinking anti freeze, an inquest heard.

Bronwen Chapman, of Fosseway Avenue, was found dead at her home on September 21 2014, Gloucestershire Coroner's Court was told.

Her son Tom, who attended the inquest at Barnwood, Gloucester, said: "About four weeks after my mum died I went to the bedroom and found a suicide note in her handwriting.

"There was also a carrier bag containing her medication.

"My father had committed suicide 18 years ago. He also drank anti-freeze."

Senior coroner for Gloucestershire Katy Skerrett said: "There was significant kidney damage consistent with ingesting anti-freeze and a subsequent toxicology report found 249 milligrams of the substance in her urine and blood; an amount consistent with significant toxicity. She also had alcohol problems and her family were worried about her.

"She had been an in-patient at Wotton Lawn Hospital in Gloucester and the Honeybourne Unit in Cheltenham."

Medical records recorded that Mrs Chapman had suffered a depressive disorder since 2003, alcohol abuse, psychosis and hypertension.

Her sister Linda Hine, who broke down in distress during the inquest, said: "I was worried about her, worried that she might kill herself."

But Tom Chapman said he felt very angry and frustrated at the mental health services.

"It was a joke the way they treated my mother – I feel very let down," he said.

"They treated her as just some alcoholic and I think that the lack of care was disgusting. She should have been sectioned, especially after what had happened to my father.

"She was, in my view, released far too early from the Honeybourne Unit."

Said Ms Skerrett: "Considering the tragic case of her husband's suicide 18 years ago the manner in which this happened is hugely significant.

"She was at home and the property was secure and a suicide note was found.

"Her son has serious concerns about her care but I am satisfied that the correct procedures and steps were followed.

"Sometimes it can never be enough – on both sides."

The coroner recorded a verdict of suicide.