A COB oven has been built within the University of Worcester’s allotment, giving students the opportunity to cook the fruits of their labour.

The project is part of a new, small-scale covered 'student social space' that is being created on the University’s student allotment by a partnership of students, university staff and outside partners.

Expert help and guidance was given to students during the oven’s build by owner and operator of the Herefordshire-based 'Fabulous Cob Oven Company', Matthew Lloyd.

Katy Boom, Director of Sustainability at the University, said: “This is a fantastic project which has resulted in different groups of campus users coming together as well as providing an amazing legacy. Allotment users will be able to cook the fruits of their labour on site, cooked from a renewable heat source, wood, provided by the University grounds team who manage trees on campus.”

Belynda Peters, a third year student on the Graphic Design and Multimedia course, added: “Having a cob oven on the University site will be a great communal space for a wide variety of social groups. It will also hopefully encourage the curiosity of people to cook their own food in a more healthily and environmentally conscious manner. I loved having the chance to get my hands dirty and take part in the build of the oven as well as the supporting designs. Getting away from a computer screen for a couple of days and interacting with fellow students (and tutor Andy, of course), was a pleasure that set a cheerful spirit for the future of the cob oven.”

Envirotech’s Project Manager, Richard Glover, added: “We always like to be involved with other projects and offer help where ever we can. We hope to be able to build a long term working relationship with the University and offer help and guidance to both staff and students.”