THREE Polish men have appeared in court on suspicion of running a major commercial cannabis operation in Worcester.

The suspects appeared in the dock at Worcester Magistrates Court yesterday after the case was delayed on Friday while the court waited for a Polish interpreter to become available.

Two of the defendants - Marcin Pobiegly, 29, of Vauxhall Street, off Rainbow Hill, Worcester, Lukasz Kloch, 27, of Pitmaston Road, St John’s, - indicated to the court they intended to plead guilty to both charges which relate to a £50,000 cannabis grow.

The charges are being concerned in the production of class B (cannabis) and using electricity without authority at the address in Vauxhall Street on Wednesday, January 27.

The third defendant, Andrzey Ratowski, 27, of Vauxhall Street, Worcester, indicated his intention to plead not guilty to identical charges.

Mark Johnson, prosecuting, said police had been called to Vauxhall Street in the Rainbow Hill area of the city at around 2.30pm on January 27 following reports of a fight in the street,

“Having entered the address the police came across what can only be described as a major cannabis grow.

“The cannabis grow occupies two bedrooms and also the loft space. This is a major cannabis grow with 105 plants.”

Mr Johnson said the matter should proceed to crown court. The basis of plea for the defendants has yet to be submitted.

A bail application was made on behalf of all three clients by their solicitor, Sat Bains.

District judge Nigel Cadbury said of the two indicated guilty pleas: “This is too serious for this court. It is clearly a major enterprise with commercial aspects to it. It is inevitable you will receive a prison sentence.”

The men who had indicated they intended to plead guilty - Pobiegly and Kloch were remanded in custody until the hearing at Worcester Crown Court on February 29.

Ratowski, who indicated a not guilty plea, was granted bail on condition he surrenders his identity documents to police and does not apply for any travel documents, lives and sleeps at Oakcliffe Road in Manchester (the bail address given to the court), that he is placed on an electronically monitored (tagged) curfew between 8pm and 7am daily, reports to Manchester central police station between midday and 2pm daily and has no contact with his co-accused.

He must appear alongside his co-defendants at Worcester Crown Court on February 29.