AN animal lover who is passionate about saving them from a life of cruelty in the circus gave a talk at a Worcester pub.

Angie Greenaway, global executive and outreach manager of Animal Defenders International, gave a talk and presentation to a packed audience at the Pheasant public house in Worcester on Wednesday evening (February 3).

The talk was about the organisation's efforts to investigate and put and end to cruelty to animals throughout the world.

In her talk, organised by Worcester Vegans & Veggies, Ms Greenaway focused on ADI's investigations of the suffering of wild animals in circuses in the UK and abroad.

She spoke of how the number of circuses with wild animals in this country had halved following an undercover investigation into the activities of Mary Chipperfield Promotions, which supplied animals to the entertainment industry.

Three people who ran the company were convicted of multiple counts of cruelty to wild animals, with one of them being jailed for repeated attacks on elephants in his care.

Since it was founded in 1990, ADI had rescued hundreds of animals from cruelty and appalling conditions in circuses, with its biggest project currently taking place in Peru, where over 100 lions, monkeys and other animals have been saved and taken to an ADI sanctuary.

ADI investigators often risked their lives in carrying out their undercover activities, with one having his leg broken recently by animal circus workers.

Ms Greenaway said that members of the public could help the ADI campaign by not attending circuses with performing animals.

From autumn 1997 to early 1998 ADI Field Officers worked undercover at Mary Chipperfield Promotions (MCP) in Hampshire, UK.

At the time, MCP was one of the most prestigious and successful suppliers of animals for entertainment, including films, TV, zoos and circuses.

ADI field officers recorded evidence of elephants, camels, and a baby chimpanzee being beaten.

The chimp, Trudy, was seen being kicked, screamed at, and thrashed with a stick by the international trainer, Mary Chipperfield.