IT IS the moment her mum could only dare to dream about - but Georgie Gibbs is given a tender kiss as she returns from her life-changing surgery.

The three-year-old from St John's went through a gruelling five hour selective dorsal rhizotomy yesterday (Monday) which will hopefully mean she will one day be able to walk unaided.

Messages of support for the family came flooding in throughout the day from friends, family, Paul Gascoigne, Worcester's MP and readers who have been touched by the little girl's battle to have the operation in the UK.

Little Georgie, who has spastic diplegic cerebral palsy, still has a long way to go before she can return home to the city which has taken her to its heart and helped her fundraise to pay for either treatment or aftercare.

Parents Clare and Carl accompanied their daughter to Bristol Royal Hospital for Children but could only sit and wait while their daughter went into the operating theatre.

Clare said during the operation: "Been out for a walk with Carl to get some fresh air. [We are] feeling pretty helpless right now, walking around like zombies.Couldn't wait to get back on the ward!"

But just before 5pm the doting parents got the news they were desperately waiting for, the operation had been a success, and they rushed off to recovery to see a sedated Georgie.

She woke once she smelled food but after eating a bit of cheese, fell straight to sleep again.

It will be a tough few days for Georgie who will be not allowed to sit up or move around.

Clare said: "It hit Carl hard when they sedated her, he hated seeing that, he wasn't himself for quite a while, he found it very traumatic.

"He's relieved she's back.

"I'm also just glad to have her back, nervous about the next tough few days ahead.

"The staff say it will be really tough but by Thursday or Friday it will become easier."

The family are excited to see the first time Georgie wiggles her toes, something she was unable to do before the operation and one of the first signs it has been a success.

Long term, they are hoping the three-year-old will be able to walk without her frame and by September 2017 will be able to walk to school with her mum and older sister Ella.

The #HelpGeorgie campaign managed to raise over £30,000 for the youngster who will need intense physiotherapy if the operation is to be a success.

Her mum will be writing a blog following Georgie's recovery at