PARENTS at the school have called them unfair on children who are sick or have regular hospital appointments.

The interim headteacher has said they have helped to bring up attendance by two per cent at a school which Ofsted has placed in special measures.

But now we want to hear what YOU think about Fairfield Community Primary School's policy to exclude children from end of term trips if their attendance falls below 96 per cent.

About 80 children from the school enjoyed a trip to the cinema on Tuesday as a reward for good attendance while others had to stay behind in the classroom.

What do you think? Vote in our poll.

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Here are some people's opinions from the Worcester News Facebook page:

Tracey Sharp: My daughter also couldn't go to the Christmas trip because she us under the paediatrician and has hospital appointments, I think it's awful that she's made to feel like she's done something wrong for going to the hospital, I agree with the children who miss behave constantly but it's discriminating the ones with medical issue.

Jennie Jackson: I have to say if u don't like it then send them to school ill or not. If them isn't there then there absent. No trip. They have same rules every time. No rules has changed. If you don't send them in on trip day then your a bit stupid and undermining the school infront of your kids. Fairfield is a great school now. My grandkids love it and the staff. (sic)

Leanne Roberts: School trips are suppose to be educational and a reward of good behavior, no school should not allow children to go because of days off ill, it is not a child's fault that they are poorly, no child should be banned from a trip unless there behaviour is poor and doesn't improve, and even then the school should be supporting them to be better and achieve a goal suitable for them!

Harriet Keeling: When I was young our parents sent us to school ill or not. We would have to stay in sick bay for the day. It was so boring so the sick records reduced dramatically. This might make me unpopular but I think some of the responsibility is down to the parents.

Julia Brookes: My granddaughter being penalised and she was sent home from school cos she was ill think they are so wrong for treating kids like this