AN author has inspired pupils from Blessed Edward Oldcorne Catholic College to use their senses for writing stories.

Olivia Levez visited the school to talk to year 7 students as part of their study on survival.

The author, who wrote the recently published book The Island, explained to the students how she sat on beaches or in a wood, even in the rain, while writing, to get the atmospheric conditions need for the scenes in her book.

She wanted to experience the conditions, sounds and smells that the characters would encounter and talked about how everyday objects could be adapted for survival.

Students were encouraged to write a short paragraph commencing “Where am I….?” while listening to sounds of the sea.

Linda Bromyard, college librarian, said it was very exciting to see how engaged the students were, and many were taking about the visit afterwards.

Pupil Jet Web said: "I mostly enjoyed the part when she played the sound of the ocean and we could write our own part of a story beginning with Where am I?"