POLICE have dropped their probe into an ex-BNP organiser who produced smear campaign stickers linking the Labour Party to paedophiles - saying they have no evidence of an offence.

West Mercia Police has confirmed that it has dropped its investigation into Carl Mason, who is standing for election to Worcester City Council this May in the elections.

We exclusively revealed on Tuesday how the 50-year-old, of Keble Close, was visited by officers on Saturday evening.

The stickers, which say 'Labour paedo party' and include a link to a website, have regularly appeared on lampposts across the city.

Mr Mason has denied putting any of them up, but has admitted to printing off "around 2,000" to sell on the internet.

The force said today that after probing the matter "no criminal offence was identified", meaning it will go no further.

Mr Mason said: "I wasn't concerned that the police came around, I was more annoyed at the reasons for it, especially by the Labour Party.

"But it's good to hear."

The force questioned him after being contacted by a member of Worcester Labour Party following growing concern within the branch.

Officers said the complaints were not made formally but they did agree to "look into the matter" before the decision to drop it.

A force spokesman said: "West Mercia Police has received concerns regarding stickers that are believed have been distributed in Worcester.

"No formal complaint has been made and after looking into the matter, no criminal offence was identified."

But the stickers have alarmed Labour Party members, who say they want it stopped.

One member, who did not wish to be named today, said: "The stickers are utterly disgusting, the fact he has admitted making them is bad enough.

"You'd hope the public can see them for what they are, a smear campaign aimed at damaging us."

Mr Mason, a gas engineer, has split away from the BNP to launch the newly-formed right-wing 'British Resistance Party' and is expected to contest the Nunnery ward in May's elections.

The party is also set to stand candidates in both Gorse Hill and St John's.