THE new Labour leader of Worcester City Council has spoken of his great "honour" at taking the role - saying he will give it his best shot.

Councillor Adrian Gregson, who has resumed control at the Guildhall after backing from the Green Party, has already started work on his plans.

He told your Worcester News his minority Labour administration will try and enact all the policy objectives which formed part of his negotiating with the Greens.

He has also defended his decision to block an unusual blue-red-green Rainbow Coalition, saying there were ultimately too many "clear policy differences" to share power with the Conservatives.

Councillor Gregson, a veteran Labour figurehead first elected in 1992, is now in his second spell as leader of the city after a 12-month period in 2013/14.

"I'm very pleased and obviously honoured to have become the leader, I'm really committed to the city and will do the best I can," he said.

"There were clear policy differences with the Conservatives, that was the key thing, as well as an absence of a level of trust which meant it wouldn't work.

"Going forward, there is an issue about capacity (of the workforce), and what this organisation can do.

"But the overall message is that we're already looking at things and with a lot of policy areas, it's about looking at them in a more environmental way.

"So with housing, for example, we've already got ideas for that but we'll be looking at that with the environment in mind."

One big move, as we revealed earlier this week, is to block the outsourcing of bin collections, street sweeping and parks maintenance to the private sector, something already agreed under the Lab-Green deal.

This week's events have also been a big personal victory for former parliamentary candidate Councillor Joy Squires, who has become the city council's deputy leader.

The Labour politician went up against Worcester's Conservative MP Robin Walker at last year's General Election but was unable to wrestle the seat back, finishing second by 5,646 votes.

This week she issued a rallying call for a "progressive alliance" to drive Worcester forward, saying the new administration would pursue a "different direction".

Worcester's two Green city councillors have agreed a detailed wish list of policies they want Labour to pursue and say they will vote with the 16-strong Labour group on a "case-by-case" basis.

Meanwhile Councillor Marc Bayliss, leader of the 17-strong Tory group has pledged to "ferociously" hold them to account.

"Our job is to hold the administration ferociously to account and we'll be looking forward to that role," he said.

The all-Labour cabinet has been confirmed as also including councillors Lynn Denham, Geoff Williams, Jabba Riaz and Roger Berry.

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