TELEVISION viewers in Worcestershire having problems picking up BBC channels are being urged to re-tune their Freeview boxes, which Digital UK says should resolve the issues.

But the Worcester News has been told by an aerial installation company and Droitwich electrical shop Brown And Fincher, that hundreds of its customers have had problems picking up BBC channels, since last Wednesday, even after re-tuning.

Jim Fincher, from the shop in High Street, said "We had 50 calls on Friday, 40 on Saturday, all complaining they had lost the channels.

"We had one woman who came in saying they need to buy a new TV, so we explained they didn't."

Jeremy Billingham, who has been installing and repairing aerials for nearly 30 years, said the situation was "unprecedented" as he had gone out and seen some televisions that said the signal was strong, but was still not picking up the channels.

"I am sure there are thousands of viewers who are still affected," he said.

"One of my customers said they were angry as they missed their favourite show, Peaky Blinders, last week.

"Moving the aerial seemed to work for some people."

He added that he thought it was likely to be fault with the Bromsgrove Transmitter, possibly sending out a corrupt signal to Worcester, Droitwich and Bromsgrove viewers.

Suzy Roberts was among those who posted on Worcester News' Facebook page to say that she had not had BBC channels in the last few days.

Mrs Roberts said: "We lost channels last week and re-tuned on Thursday and Friday but that didn't work. We thought it must be local fault."

In a statement, a spokesman for Digital UK explained that technical changes were made at the Bromsgrove transmitter last Wednesday by the BBC to prepare for the launch of new local radio services on Freeview.

The spokesman said pop-up messages ran on BBC channels early last week, as well as on Midlands Today and the BBC website, which warned people they would need to re-tune their set, with many televisions automatically doing this.

The spokesman added: "Viewers receiving their TV from this transmitter who find they are now missing BBC services can re-tune to get them back.

"Advice on re-tuning is available from the Freeview advice line on 03456 505050 and on the Freeview website."