NIGEL Farage's right-hand man is visiting Worcester on Thursday to campaign for a Brexit.

Paul Nuttall, deputy leader of the UK Independence Party, will visit the city in a huge Battlebus as part of a seven-day tour of the Midlands, Wales and North West.

During its stay in the city UKIP says it will display a 45-foot long 'Project Fact' coach spelling out why it wants Britain to quit the EU.

The Worcester visit is part of a tour taking in areas like Newport in South Wales, Monmouth and selected sites in the West Midlands.

Some 49 locations will be visited by the bus between Thursday and next Wednesday, with Mr Nuttall saying UKIP will declare June 23 "independence day".

He said: "This tour will send out a bold and strong message to 'Project Fear' and the Remain camp that the wheels are coming off their faltering campaign.

"I call on people to get onboard the Brexit campaign and in turn ensure Britain is once again an independent nation."

Worcestershire MEP Bill Etheridge, one of three UKIP politicians representing the West Midlands in the European Parliament, said: "I am very much looking forward to this tour - this is about taking Project Fact out into towns and cities.

"It is time to regain our sovereignty, our democracy and our freedom by voting to leave the shackles of the dictatorial and unaccountable EU."

The announcement comes as Lord Mandelson, the Labour former business secretary and former European trade commissioner, said this afternoon that Brexit would make the financial crash look like "a walk in the park".

He also accused the Leave camp of spreading myths and said a Brexit would "wreck the economy".

During a speech he said: "Far from being able to transfer savings from leaving the EU to more spending on the NHS, schools, universities or farmers, we will eventually be facing cumulative, year-on-year post-Brexit austerity that would make the last financial crisis look like a walk in the park."