A WORCESTER pub landlord has spoken of his anger after kicking out a racist yob who abused Polish people.

Ted Marshall, from the Cap 'N' Gown, has issued a rallying call for landlords across the city to help "stamp out racism" by banning drinkers who are caught being racist.

Last Saturday evening two of his friends, who hail from Poland, were drinking at the bar when one loudmouth overheard them talking in their native language.

He told them "you should be talking English, you're in England" before swearing at them, leaving the duo shook up.

Mr Marshall opened the till, handed the culprit his £4.20 back for his pint and immediately barred him from the premises.

It has gone down a storm on social media, with people all over the country applauding his actions on Facebook.

Mr Marshall said: "A good friend of mine was at the bar, who was brought up in America but is actually Polish.

"He had a friend with him and they were both talking among each other in Polish, then this guy said 'you should be talking English' and started giving them grief.

"Then he swore at them, so I very calmly opened the till, returned his £4.20 for a pint of Old Rosie and said 'you're permanently barred'.

"Then he started abusing me and I said 'just go' and he went.

"It was blatantly racist. I'm calling on all landlords across the city to do the same, if we all did that it would make a difference."

He did not report the incident to the police, which occurred around 6pm last Saturday, saying he felt the onus was on members of the public to do their bit.

"It's up to all of us to take a stand, let's not tolerate this very vocal minority - that's my call to landlords," he said.

His actions have led to widespread praise on Facebook, where members of the public have spoken of their dismay.

On the Cap 'N' Gown's Facebook page Sarah Penn wrote: "When on holiday, how many Brits speak the local language?

"Maybe we should all challenge such individuals next time any of us witnesses such appalling behaviour."

Lee Patrick said he was "shocked and appalled", adding: "I've no tolerance for intolerance".

Andrea Olgeby added: "Well done Ted, it's time people stopped wasted time splitting hairs over whether we call it xenophobic, racist or nationalistic.

"All three have one thing in common - unprovoked verbal abuse. The sooner it's stamped out the better."

Other pub landlords also joined the debate to share similar experiences.

It is not known if the abuse was connected to the EU referendum aftermath, which saw reports of hate crimes rise across the country.