Pictures by Vince Monte.

THE mobile phone app Pokemon GO has taken the world by storm - and Worcester has not been immune.

Players have been turning up in parks, shops and cafes across Worcester to collect Pokemon which appear in real life locations - despite the game not being available in the UK yet.

Already, businesses have been bemused by the appearance of groups, usually of teenagers and young adults, clutching their mobile phones.

Staff at Costa Coffee in The Cross were bemused when groups kept turning up as their cafe had unwittingly become a PokeStop.

A Facebook page dedicated to the city's players has gained over 100 members in a few days and the city will get its first gym battle at Cripplegate Park on Sunday from 3pm.

Player Vince Monte has been playing for the last four days and is out tonight with a group of friends.

He said: "First of all I thought 'oh what a load of rubbish' but gave it a try as there was lots of talk online about it.

"Myself, I didn't previously like Pokémon as a cartoon but the game makes you go out and hunt Pokemon and the more you walk the more rewards you get.

"Then there's the competition side of things where we battle for gyms.

"Considering this is meant to make people unsociable, I've met about 50 new friends over the last four days and all meet daily to train and hunt and get fitter together.

"Sunday shall be a great day with Worcester first Pokémon gym battle at Cripplegate Park at 3pm for our weekly battles to find Worcester's best Pokemon trainer.

"This app is great for fitness, fun and social life. A must try."

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