UPDATE 11.10am Tuesday.

WESTERN Power Distribution this morning said that the electrical explosion close to Gheluvelt Park yesterday was caused by an underground cable fault.

The explosion took place close to a transformer, but the transformer was not damaged.

About 600 houses lost power following the explosion at about 6pm, but electricty supplies to all premises were restored by 6.50pm.     

HOUSES in the Hallow Road area of Worcester are without power after a reported explosion at an electricity substation near Gheluvelt Park.

The explosion, at about 6pm, was witnessed by resident Katherine Alker, who lives in the Monarch Drive area, just across the river from the park.

She said: "We were sitting outside and then there was a loud bang and a noise like firecrackers going off and we saw this big black cloud above the transformer.

"The power went off in all the houses and you could hear the burglar alarms going off up and down the road. The power is still off now, and I hope they get it fixed before the freezer defrosts.

"The cloud dispersed quickly and looking through binoculars at the transformer, nothing seems to be happening there. If we're off on this side of the river, I wonder how many people there are in Northwick without power.

The Worcester News has left a message with Western Power Distribution, but has not yet heard back.

At about the same time, lights in the Worcester news building at Hylton Road flickered off and on, and computers went down.

The fire service received no calls about the explosion, but said at 6.01pm it has a call from premises in Crowngate about an automatic fire alarm going off.

UPDATE 7.15pm. Katherine Alker says her power is back on.

On Facebook, Jeannette Heath said: "Had no electricity for about 30 minutes,we live in Northwick".

Dale Nicholson said: "Splash pad was on until the bang at about 6. We were down there and heard it."

Annette Harris said: "No power for 25 mins Eastbank drive!!"