A WORCESTER school has been reprimanded by the health and safety executive about the way it removed an asbestos roof.

Two 18-year-old workers knocked the asbestos down from the roof of a small outbuilding at Christopher Whitehead Language College during the October half term in 2013.

Following an investigation, the college has received a letter of contravention of health and safety, upholding a complaint by public service union, Unison.

Unison said it had complained to the HSE after becoming concerned that the removal of the asbestos breached health and safety guidelines.

Charlie Sarell, Unison West Midlands regional organiser, said: "We are glad that the Health & Safety Executive have concluded their investigation into issues at the school, after concerns raised by Unison.

"If it wasn't for the hard work and determination of our members, this issue would never have seen the light of day.

"Serious concerns, however, remain for staff, pupils and parents."

However, the school's headteacher Neil Morris denied there were serious concerns and said the school had improved its health and safety policies as a result.

He said the building in question was a small lean-to with a roof "no bigger than a door" that was falling down and had to be removed.

The school was given advice on how to remove the asbestos by Worcestershire County Council and opted to do so in October when the weather was damp and double bagged it as instructed.

He said: "The only thing we didn't get right was two of the young lads, 18-year-old employees, were knocking it down from the roof so the asbestos was falling down.

"The concern was could we have done it in a safer manner.

"With hindsight, we could and should have done it in a better manner.

"But have the actions we've taken made it (health and safety procedure) even safer? Not only I but the HSE think our actions are exemplary and model practice."

He added: "We've had one complaint in 13 years.

"This was three years ago and in our final meeting with HSE they felt we were in a better position to deal with asbestos in the future which undoubtedly we will have to do."

"No pupils or staff were at risk."