FOOD lovers will be coming into the city to enjoy Worcester Foodie Festival from today (Friday).

There are scores of stalls selling everything from Ledbury strawberries to food and drink from Belize.

There is something for everyone and scores of stalls to try - and here are just TEN things you can tantalise your tastebuds with.

1. Barbourne Cider and Perry

Worcester News: Richard Reynolds  of Barbourne Ciders, with bottles of his cider    in the food and drink village. Picture by Simon Rogers. 24425312

Enjoy a refreshing glass of traditional cider, perry and apple juice made just down the road.

2. Cafe Bliss at Worcester Arts Workshop

Worcester News: Cafe Bliss, Worcester

Ever wondered what food from Belize tastes like? Now is your chance to have a try.

3. Croome Cuisine

Worcester News: SAY CHEESE: Nick Hodgetts and Anita Stammers with Croome Cuisine cheeses. Picture by Paul Jackson. 4014721005

This stall always draws a huge crowd thanks to their free cheese tasters. Try a range of flavours of the award-winning cheeses and take some home to enjoy.

4. Fuffle from Fudgeheaven

Worcester News: Fuffletier Gary Davis selling Fuffle, which is a form of fudge.

Is it fudge or is it truffle? By a bar and decide.

5. JB's Chocolate Salami

A handmade salami shaped chocolate treat. Yum.

6. Nandos

Worcester News: POPULAR PLACE: Nandos in Friar Street, Worcester, is the place to go if you like chicken. 02183101

Sampling from the menu aka FREE FOOD.

7. Our Taste of Portugal

Worcester News: Bora lá Portugal! Jose Goncalves, owner of Our Taste Of Portugal in the Hopmarket, will be cheering on his home team tomorrow evening (Wednesday).

This Hopmarket cafe gets a stall in the city centre to tempt people with its Portuguese food - pastel de nata, salt cod fishcakes and a 'little lunch'.

8. Ping An Oriental

Free tasters! Chance to try what the shop in Pump Street has to offer.

9. Selly Punjabis

You may have smelt the delish waft of spieces coming from this stall on a Sunday. A chance to get your hands on their frozen curries and samosas.

10. Taartie (Friday and Saturday only)

Drool over their doughnuts, fruit tarts and gourmet cookies. Well, don't actually drool that would be disgusting.

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