For reasons unknown I have never seen the 1990 Oscar winning film Ghost that starred Patrick Swayze, Demi Moore and Whoopi Goldberg so I was eagerly looking forward to the opening night of the current stage version in Bristol.

There is a decent story line about Sam Wheat a murdered banker who dies as a result of a mugging who returns as a ghost to warn his wife Molly that she is in danger. Sam is able to communicate with her through the wonderful psychic Oda Mae.

Tonight Andy Moss as Sam has the task of filling the shoes of Patrick Swayze, probably better known as the loveable rogue Rhys Ashworth in Hollyoaks. He produces a heartfelt performance walking through walls, moving objects without touching them and simply being a brilliant ghost.

 Sarah Harding the former Girls Aloud band member was accomplished and assured as Molly, although maybe I was expecting her vocals to be slightly better.

Jacqui Dubois as Oda Mae absolutely smashed it as the charlatan psychic, she oozed charisma, was vibrant with a huge personality in many ways resembling Whoopi Goldberg, she was for me the star of the show by a long way.

There is some great choreography with a number of seamless, slick scene changes.

My wife and I both enjoyed this funny, poignant and moving Bill Kendrick production which as it says in the programme - Unchained and Reimagined...

 Runs until Saturday, 17th September.