A 110-YEAR-OLD woman celebrated her birthday today, making her the oldest resident in Worcestershire and the 10th oldest in the country.

The supercentenarian shared laughs with friends and family at a joyous reception at Buckland Manor in Broadway.

Grace Jones, who lives in Pegasus Court, Broadway, said: “I have a little drop of whiskey with a drop of water every night. That’s my medicine.

“I have no aches or pains and I don’t worry, I think that’s the worst thing you can do. I have never worried and I’m not starting now.

“It’s been party time, all of yesterday, today and tomorrow. It’s been great, all my friends have been round.”

Ms Jones said her brother died in the Great War and recalls a quiet and sullen atmosphere during the war years.

“I was six or seven, my brother had gone to Australia and when war broke out he wrote to my father to say he thought it was his place to join up," she said.

“He was sent to the front and killed. I knew lots of people who lost everybody, the war had no happy memories for us.”

Ms Jones remembered fondly her housekeeper who stayed with her for 70 years.

She also joked that while Broadway is very pretty, it is also quiet as no one sneezes.

Deidre McCarthy, 78, Ms Jones’s daughter, said: “She’s got a great sense of humour and she’s been an excellent mother.

“She taught me all the things that are so important. She also had a happy marriage with my father, who died 30 years ago.

“She takes an interest in things and can’t understand why people retreat into a quiet life.”

Ms Jones owned a millinery factory in Liverpool in her 20s before she married her husband, Leonard.