A NEW campaign launched today (Wednesday) which aims to raise awareness around how easy it can be to become homeless.

Hugo's Earthquake, founded by Worcester man Hugo Sugg, is launching Where Is Your Next Home? to inform people how easy it can be to lose your home.

An argument, job loo, an eviction notice or a debt letter could potentially be the start of a series of events that ends up with people ending up on the streets, sofa-surfing or living in hostels.

Hugos Earthquake is working closely with Worcester City Council, CCP and St Paul's Hostel to ask the public - Where is your next home?

Campaign spokesperson Tahriecse Tandy, University of Worcester Politics and Sociology student, said: "We believe prevention is better than cure and preventing the onset of homelessness is much more important than curing it because it avoids the stress, costs and worries associated with having nowhere to go."

Where Is Your Next Home? will initially run for six months and there are plans for public talks.

For more information on the campaign log on to hugosugg.wordpress.com, or the Twitter handle @HugosEarthquake and Facebook page

Anyone facing homelessness or threatened with it can call Worcester City Council on 01905 722589 during the hours of 9am - 5pm weekdays and 01562 733178 between 5pm - 9am and all day on weekends and bank holidays.