WHEN Worcester Repertory Company stage a production of Shakespeare’s "King John" in the city's cathedral, members of the cast can be sure that the medieval monarch himself will be present.

He may not be listening, however, even though the opening night will take place on the 800th anniversary of his untimely demise.

The Bard's famous play, about one of England's worst ever rulers, will take place around King John's tomb, which is famously in the Quire of Worcester Cathedral.

The Worcester Rep’s artistic director, Chris Jaeger, said: “There may be many productions up and down the country to commemorate this special anniversary, but ours will be the only one that the King himself will attend!"

The opening night, October 18, will be the exact 800th anniversary of the unpopular monarch's comeuppance.

Even the existence of his tomb in the cathedral is something of a mystery.

Until the recent discovery and reburial of Richard III, King John was the only British Monarch to be buried outside of London.

This will be the first ever production of King John to actually feature the King’s final resting place, with the permission of The Dean of Worcester Cathedral, who will himself be making an appearance in the play.

The play will run from Tuesday October 18 to Saturday October 22.

Tickets from, 01905 611427.

King John will not be charged.