INTERNATIONAL mediators were given a tour of a historic Worcester building as part of an EU-funded project.

The Mayor of Worcester, councillor Paul Denham showed the Guildhall to 23 trainers and youth workers from five different countries.

The special visitors are here as part of a week-long course to learn international mediation techniques.

Project host Lorraine Lockyer of Consilium Development and Training said: “History seems to be making a big loop this week at the Guildhall.

"Over the centuries, people were coming here to share their issues and concerns, seeking help in finding the best solutions to their problems.

"And here we are as well with our international delegates.

"While discovering the secrets of mediation and ADR, we also learn how to support young people we work with in finding peaceful ways to address issues, conflicts and disputes they face on the daily basis.”

The training course is being held at the Guildhall, by Consilium Development and Training, a not-for-profit company that organises training and projects, providing opportunities for cultural learning and skills development in the UK and overseas.

Youth workers, leaders and trainers from Estonia, Poland, Norway, Italy and the UK are meeting as part of a two-year EU-funded project called First Alternative Dispute Resolution Kit.

The project aims to create new ways of teaching organisations active in the fields of intercultural communication, conflict management, active citizenship and youth participation.