A BARNT Green author is in the running for a national literary award.

Two books by Steve Dunn, who lives on Fiery Hill Drive, have been voted onto the shortlist for the prestigious Mountbatten Maritime Award.

The accolade aims to honour writers and film makers, whose work deepens public understanding of Britain's dependence on the sea.

Steve, who specialises in writing about First World War naval history, said: "Having two books nominated is particularly exciting. I obviously feel passionate about my subject but it’s great to get official recognition and acknowledgment that my books are making an impact and helping to turn the spotlight on maritime issues."

Steve's third book, Formidable, and his latest release, Blockade, were selected by the awards' committee.

Formidable tells the story of the first British battleship to be lost to submarine action, while Blockade gives the British Navy credit for the role it played in the defeat of Germany in World War One.

The winners are set to be announced at an awards ceremony at the Institute of Directors in London on October 25.