A VARIETY of arts techniques were explored by pupils during an arts week.

Youngsters from Heronswood Primary School in Kidderminster focused on learning new skills and developing their understanding.

Reception and Year 1 created leaf collages and mixed paints.

They focussed their work on Tony Orrico who is a visual artist, performer and choreographer.

Year 2 developed on their previous knowledge of colour and painting looking at Jackson Pollock, an abstract expressionist artist, for inspiration.

Years 3 and 4 looked at the technique of mono-printing, creating detailed prints through the simple but effective process.

Optical Art was the focus for the oldest children in school, who looked at how to give the viewer an impression of movement or hidden images.

Will Sutcliffe, who organised this fun-filled week earlier this month, said: "The week has been a fantastic enrichment experience.

"Children and teachers have been truly inspired to create a plethora of amazing art!

"It is delightful to see how much enjoyment children can get from art."