A CHILDREN'S book which transforms a landmark Worcestershire clock tower into a space craft has just been launched.

The book, called The Abberley Space Rocket, has been written to mark the centenary of Abberley Hall School in Great Witley where the imposing Victorian clock tower is located.

Former parent and journalist Andy Griffee is behind the project, in conjunction with former pupil Mary Duckham, an architect and illustrator now living in London.

Mr Griffee, of Shelsley Kings, explained that the idea came to him when attending Mary’s wedding celebrations held at the school last new year’s eve.

He said: “There were fireworks at the party and as we were all outside looking at them lighting up the sky it almost appeared as if the tower was taking off like a rocket so the concept of the book was born.

He based the story on his two children when they were pupils at Abberley Hall and created a tale of how they take the clock tower ‘rocket’ into space, using one of its rooms as a cockpit.

He added: “The tower stands at 161 feet high and boasts views over six counties and in the book the children travel into outer space so have amazing views looking down on earth from it.

“The story is obviously fictional but weaves in some of the history of the school so it has an educational element but is fun too.”

Will Lockett, headmaster of Abberley Hall School, said that he was delighted with the way the book had been produced.

He said: “It is a charming tale which has been beautifully illustrated and has now been launched as part of our 100th anniversary celebrations.

“I am sure it will capture the imagination of all our current and former pupils and is going to be really popular with local people who love the Abberley clock tower as much as we do here.”

The book is available from the school and local shops priced at £5 with all proceeds going to the Abberley Hall Foundation, a charity which raises money to conserve the heritage of the house and grounds in addition to investing in educational facilities and providing bursaries for the school which is a co-educational day and boarding school for two to 13 year olds.

It is also on sale online at https://alumni.abberleyhall.co.uk