STUDENTS at a Worcester school have been recognised for their hard work and achievements at a rewards week.

Bishop Perowne CE College launched the idea to celebrate students including one in each year who was picked out for consistently doing something exceptional.

Among those singled out was Lucy Bluck for excellent behaviour and attendance, William John for resilience, hard work and dedication, Natan Redlicki for being polite and hardworking, Elizabeth Seymour for always trying to help others and Callie Geary for showing excellent effort.

The students received 10 reward points and were presented with a chocolate star and shopping voucher.

Teachers also popped into classrooms through the week in October to praise pupils who embodied the school's ethos.

All students with a clean behaviour record were rewarded with an extended lunch break and a free ice-cream, and Bishop Perowne teachers and support staff also received a treat and special recognition.

Mark Pollard, the school's headteacher said: "We truly believe we have the hardest working students in Worcester and wanted to show that their efforts, resilience and hard work don’t go unnoticed.

"Our school philosophy is Endeavour Forever so we do challenge our students every day to ensure they reach their full potential.

"There was a great buzz around the school for the whole week and I know all the staff thoroughly enjoyed rewarding students with a small treat.

"Rewards Week is definitely something we will be doing again."