A FORMER Worcester resident has criticised 'disrespectful' people for not clearing up their mess at fast food outlets.

Liam-Paul Rothwell, 27, lived in Warndon until last year but returned to Worcester on Friday night to visit friends.

He believes it was unacceptable to leave such a mess in fast food outlets after nights out, such as the scene he captured in McDonald's on The Foregate last Friday.

He said: "I think it is disrespectful to the staff who work there, as someone has to clear that up.

"It is not just on the tables but also on the floor and it looks as if a bunch of animals have been there.

"I do not think it is fair on the staff to have to clear up all that mess, people should think about the people who work here.

"It does not take a lot of effort for each person to clear up their own mess and to be decent people, it is particularly bad when people are getting food after nights out.

"People should just put their rubbish in the bin."

"When I lived here and used to see how much rubbish was left every weekend it made me feel sorry for the staff who have to clear it all up.

"I just don't understand why staff in Worcester city centre have to put up with this."

Mr Rothwell, who now lives in the Lake District, said the situation was much the same in various takeaways across the city after nights out as the one he found just after 4am on Saturday morning.

He added: "It is not just a problem in McDonald's, I have seen it in a few places across the city, although not for a while as I do not live here anymore.

Mr Rothwell was born and bred in Worcester and has lived there for most of his life.

A spokesman for McDonald’s said: "Our priority is to ensure our restaurants remain clean and welcoming for our customers.

"Bins are supplied in store for customers to place their litter and we also employ dining area hosts, who are responsible for keeping our cleanliness standards high.

"On occasions, our employees may not be available to clean up immediately after customers, however, it is clear from the picture that one of our crew was in the area and the issue was resolved shortly after."